The Punisher 3D Printed and Painted.

The Punisher 3D Printed and Painted.

Hello Guys,

And it's finally done.
Always happy to see your digital model turns into a physical model(3D Print). It's a fanart work.

This is done by my friend @thepunishercollector thanks to a lot brother.
Height: From the bottom of the base to the tip of the gun is like 26 inches. It's huge.
He printed in @anycubicofficial Photon Mono X using @elegoo standard grey resin.
And he will use @vallejocolors paint on it.
Happy with the final output.
Actually, I have done this statue during the mentorship program with @bernardo. cruzerio highly recommend his mentorship program.
Learned lots of new things during this program.

Hope you guys like it.